The International School on Mass Spectrometry (IntSMS) is a six day full immersion school aimed to give advanced and higher education in mass spectrometry to graduate, PhD, post-doc students, and all those working in different areas of science, ranging from physics, chemistry, biosciences, food, environment, omics sciences to medicine, interested to improve their knowledge and culture in mass spectrometry.
The 2nd Course is devoted to


Fundamentals, Advances, and Applications

The school joins together participants from academia, public and private research centers and industry, and it is an useful occasion for allowing meeting of students and tutors coming from different countries and for creating new links and networking.
All those wishing to improve their knowledge and culture in mass spectrometry are kindly invited to attend IntSMS.

Important Dates

Registration Starts: October 2023
Registration Ends: June 15, 2024
Receiving Payment Deadline: June 30, 2024
Cancellation and Refund Deadline: July 15, 2024