The 1st international symposium on Direct Injection Food Flavour Analytics (DIFFA23) from 20-22 September 2023 at Fondazione Edmund Mach in San Michele all'Adige, Italy, aims to bring together scientists from research institutions, academia and industry to exchange ideas and experiences on all aspects of food volatile compound analysis by direct injection mass spectrometry (DIMS) and similar methods. Contributions spanning the breadth of this field are invited: from fundamentals to applications, from coupling with other analytical or sensory tools to data mining. The conference will provide a forum to link academic knowledge to industrial needs and to promote networking, discussion and cooperation among scientists from public and private research institutions, universities, industry and regulatory control institutions. Contributions are invited in (but not limited to) the following areas:
  • Fundamental aspects of DIMS: ionization, ion chemistry and analysers
  • Technical developments for increasing sensitivity, resolution, specificity
  • Comparison of different DIMS approaches
  • Hyphenating DIMS with orthogonal methods (fast-GC, IMS)
  • Coupling DIMS with sensory methods (e.g. dynamic sensory evaluation)
  • DIMS and omics of food volatiles
  • DIMS for targeted applications (e.g., high-throughput, process monitoring)
  • Software tools and data mining
  • Applications of DIMS in food (e.g., spoilage, maturation, flavour release, metabolites)
  • DIMS as a green analytical tool

The informal atmosphere and the social program will ensure wide contacts and interactions among participants.