Sicilian wine-enology and its profound re-interpretation in the last thirty years
Over the last thirty years the Sicilian wine sector has been intensively reviewed and restructured, thus giving light to its dynamic entrepreneurial skills.
Many of the companies that formed in this period have equipped themselves with both professional figures (Oenologists and Agronomists) and qualified managerial figures, all of whom have brought radical changes and improvements to the widespread 1970s model of spirits wine production or blending.

Since the beginning of the '90s, Sicilian wine has been able to compete with the wines produced by other countries in Europe and the world thanks to this improved process.

According to the data released by UniCredit, the Sicilian wine sector is constantly growing, especially Doc Sicilia wines. The trend in the value of wine sales is very positive, and the shared analysis revealed a high growth potential for the wines produced by the Consorzio Doc Sicilia. The quality of Sicilian wines has been certified by countless prizes from many national and international competitions, in fact as many as 26 Sicilian wines awarded the Tre Bicchieri by Gambero Rosso in 2020. 100 million bottles of Sicilian Wine have been produced and it is appreciated across the world (in Germany, the USA, Canada, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries, in particular).
Today “the wines of Sicily” immediately evoke the word “quality”. Such quality is further enhanced by the magnificent island on which they are produced, whose pedoclimatic composition is practically a continent in itself.

Following the first, second and third editions of the MS-Wine day in Tuscany (2015), Veneto (2017) and Trentino-Alto Adige, the next MS WineDay conference will be held in Sicily at the Agriturismo Badiula (Farmhouse Badiula).
One distinct theme characterising the 4th MS WINEDAY is “Beer and its sensory and biological properties.” This will bring together the scientific-technology and beer sectors. The Sicilian beer sector has flourished in recent years, making high quality beer that’s deeply Sicilian, infused with the island's traditional aromas and flavours such as chocolate and prickly pear.
The 4th edition of MS WINEDAY intends to offer specialists from private companies, institutions and universities the opportunity to meet and discuss the state of innovation in oenology and brewing. All this will take place in the splendid Sicilian hinterland.
Advanced Mass Spectrometry’s techniques will be presented. These techniques help to improve the chemical and biochemical characterization of the constituents that make up both raw materials and finished products and serve as support for technicians when they choose the productive processes most responsive to modern oenology and quality control.

Main topics:

  • Grape and wine nutraceuticals
  • Vineyard grape quality monitoring and remote sensing
  • Detection of pesticides, contaminants and defects
  • Oenological processes: grape withering, wine fermentation, barrel aging, distillation, …
  • Beer and its sensory and biological properties
  • Coupling MS with GC, GC×GC, fast GC, HPLC, UHPLC, …
  • Proteomics of grape and wine
  • Metabolomics and high-resolution MS in the study of grape and wine
  • Geographical origin traceability and frauds detection in oenology
  • Study of grape and wine yeast and bacteria
  • MS and sensory analysis coupling
  • Volatile & aroma compounds of grape, wine and distillates