The Mass Spectrometry Division of the Italian Chemical Society (DSM-SCI) organizes a biennial conference aimed at researchers interested in the field of Mass Spectrometry applied to Medicinal Plants and Nutraceutical Products of plant origin. The present is the fourth edition of an event entirely dedicated to the in-depth study of complex natural substances using mass spectrometry, a technologically advanced analytical technique that allows us to understand natural organic substances and their complex mixtures in very thorough way. As many know, the study of phytocomplexes is not simple and has always represented an arduous challenge in the research; but on the other hand, metabolomic characterization and phytochemical composition studies are indispensable objectives that cannot be achieved without the use of mass spectrometry.
Topics of interest for oral and/or poster contributions::
  • Characterization of complex natural products
  • Metabolomics, proteomics & omics sciences
  • Targeted and untargeted methods
  • Nutraceutical products
  • Biomedical and clinical applications
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • MS and bioinformatics
  • Quantitative methods for bioactive natural products
  • Imaging MS
  • IRMS and stable isotopes
  • ICP MS applications in complex natural matrices